Great things come to the patient.

Today started out normal like any other. Except it was slow as hell. I had 4 rides in my first 1 and a half hours. Then I drove around for over an hour with out a ride at all. I went home, and went back out around 3 pm. The first hour went well. Then 4 o’clock hits, and ping! Along Florin-Perkins road.l, I pick up 3 people. One of them asks “is it okay if we go to san Francisco?” My response of course being “hell Yes, get in.” They were very easy customers,  we talked. They quietly worked for a bit. Then we talked alot more about life, and hobbies. I dropped the first guy off in Berkley. Then I took the second, and third into downtown SF. I dropped them off and they all very happily thanked me, and on they went. I’m grateful for that ride, it turned a slow day into a fun day.

Now let’s crunch the numbers. Is taking a ride to sanfrancisco worth it? My payment was $116 after fees, tips, and tolls. The ride lasted 2 hours 45 minutes.  After gas is taken out, my car takes 15 dollars to fill up after going there, and back. The hourly wage after gas evens out at 37/he. Now we have to factor in an hour and a half travel time back. It evens out at 23/hr after gas. So it still pays better than my avg on a normal busy day in sac. On a good day I do $100-125 every 5, and a half hours.

In conclusion I’d almost always take a ride out to SF, Because it’s guaruntees money. There have been days that I’ve been on 9 hours, and only brought back $100. So it’s still worth the payout every time for me. I hope you all have a great rest of your day. May the profits keep with you  -Brent Kroes

Frustrations of self-employment

Hello fellow Drivers, I hope your all having a wonderful day. I wanted to touch on something that I struggle with. Also I am curious to know how many of you have issues with this.

Being self-employed is something that I still struggle with. Not being breathed on, by an annoying supervisor is great, yet also difficult.  I kind of miss that ass hole, who reminded me when I forgot something, or was late. It keeps me motivated. Now I am stuck with myself, and my self determination. I am a 21 year old who likes to party, and travel afterall. Saving money is difficult with the way I live.  There are those weeks when I just don’t feel like working on certain days, it can be hard to get myself up on time. Self discipline, is not something to take lightly. The best way to be satisfied with this work, is to be on the road as much as possible. Try to stay as consistent as possible, and develop routines. It’s simple in theory, and even though I fully understand these concepts, I still struggle to follow the proper guidelines.

On the weeks I have stayed focused though, I have made a killing financially. My best week was $1800 for 50 hours. That was between Sacramento, and San Francisco. Self employment, can be difficult to keep up on, but there will be weeks that pay off heavily, if you grind at your best. It’s a great ability to have, one week I might be broke, then the next I’ll have saved up 1200 dollars. The pay is very substantial. On weekends I almost always bring $600, for 2-3 days.  My advice to everyone, is stay focused, stay grinding, and stack that money. Its worth it, if the efforts available. Like, comment, and let me know what your thoughts are.

Have an amazing day -Brent Kroes

Rideshare Insurance

Hey fellow drivers, and friends. I want to cover the topic of ride-share insurance. Many people I have met, don’t even know that you are required to have it. I’ve heard stories of people getting into accidents without the add on, and insurance companies refusing to cover the damages. I have been rear-ended, three times this year alone. If I didn’t have that extra insurance, I would be broke, and my cracked windshield wouldn’t have been replaced. I go through AAA, and it’s an extra $80/month. Granted there is still a good chance that insurance will require a deductible, if you get into an accident.  If you don’t have this go get it immediately, you never know when something might happen. They usually happen at the worst times too. Also I’ve hear that Geico offers ride-share insurance now.

Have a wonderful day everyone! hope this has been helpful

-Brent Kroes

Is Lyft/Uber worth it full-time?

Hello every body, and fellow drivers. I hope business is going steady for everyone. Today I want to touch on a question, that I am frequently asked. Is it worth it, to drive full time for, Lyft/and Uber? Now lets weigh the positives, and the negatives. What are the positive qualities, of driving for Lyft?

Number one, in my book, is the freedom factor. Being Self employed, is an amazing opportunity. I can take any day off, that I need, when I need to. There are many times, that I have had exciting opportunities, appear out of thin air. If I held a traditional nine, to five job, this would prevent having 100% flexibility. To supplement my life style, flexibility is crucial. I not only drive for Lyft, and Uber full time. I also spend about 20 hours a week working on the blog, as well as 10-15 hours, working on music production/writing. I also have side jobs that appear randomly. By now you get it, my life is nuts. Despite the long days, I thoroughly enjoy my work; I am also very grateful, that ride-sharing allows me freedom to do so.

The second reason being, that I make excellent money driving, for Lyft, and Uber. My gross paycheck, averages $800-$1000, for 40 hours of driving.

Networking, is a huge, part of why I drive full time. I meet so many people, who I can do business with.  Lyft, and Uber, provides, such a simple way to meet people. The potential is limitless; you never know, when you might meet, an investor, or customer.

As a social butterfly, I am always meeting amazing people through Lyft. I have made countless friends, and business connections, while driving. I started a business from, my stories (this website) for goodness’ sake. Every time I clock on, Its a new experience, entirely. I have learned the area, more intricately, than I ever could have otherwise. There is always, an awesome new bar, or hiking spot, and so many, fun conversations to have.

Now lets get into the cons.  Freedom is a dangerous tool. Being self employed, and managing expenses, did not by any means come easy to me. Many others that are self employed struggle with this too. Keeping motivation to work a full schedule every week, is very tedious. It requires excellent time management, and pushes your mind to the test. When I am having a rough week, nothing is stopping me from, not driving, simply because, I have no boss. Not  having someone, yelling in your ear every day, makes it easy, to cut your self slack. Maybe that isn’t a problem for any of you, Yet another mountain awaits. Managing finances, (profits vs losses) is no joke. Having the ability to Deposit money daily, makes it easy not to  budget properly. you have to be more aware then you would otherwise. I spend about 600 dollars, per month, in gasoline alone. And car depreciation is a huge factor. Maintenance cost, is a harsh kick in the ass. To manage money properly, when you have to spend constantly, is more difficult than it seems.

The second Con, is that you have to be stuck, in the car with strangers, and never know what might happen. Driving, is dangerous enough, but being social, and smiles out while driving takes practice, and awareness. As many of you who read my blog regularly know, bad things will happen no matter what on the job. It can be very sketchy, but if you can keep calm, in stressful situations, then no problem.

All around I love driving, as you all know. But be very aware, this is not easy, to do full time. It’s taken a lot of patience, and open mindedness, for me to deem this worth my time. All together though in my opinion, The pros outweigh the cons, by a long shot. I hope this has helped give you all insight. It is a very rewarding business, if you can work the angles to your advantage.  Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and have a great night.

-Brent Kroes

2 am fun

Hello everybody, I want to tell you a fun story from December last year. It was a Friday night, and the night was busy. Around eight p.m. I picked 4 people up, and took them to a bar, in Citrus Heights. They were in their mid twenties, energetic, and easy to talk to. I drop them off no problem, and on I go. 6 hours later, around two a.m, I get a ping through Uber, right as I’m considering going home. I am sure glad, that I didn’t. I go to the pick up, and it happens to be the same bar. I think to myself “I wonder if there’s any chance, that this is the same group. Sure as the moon it’s self, the four, now very drunk people from earlier, saunter out. They get to the car start shouting “oh my god! Brent, can you believe, that you are, our driver again?” we start laughing, and I Begin the ride. We are driving down sunrise towards Old Auburn rd. They ask very hilariously if I can go through the, Mc Donald’s drive through. I oblige, and they buy me a medium fry. We get to the window, and the manager is one of my friends. We both start laughing, and my customers think that it’s the funniest thing on earth. I mean they, are just roaring with laughter. We get our food, and head to the Chevron across the street. Their Apartment, was adjacent to the parking lot. I pull over, the four get out, and proceed to their apartments. The two, ladies in the group start shouting “I love you Brent, I would marry you. Then before they go, they both walk up to me, and kiss me on the mouth, then walk away. I drive away thinking “wow this will be a fantastic story one day!”

There it is, thanks for reading everyone. -Brent Kroes

And I am back

Today was insane! It was the best day back to work in my history. I woke up later than I had originally anticipated. I planned to wake up at 5:45 a.m. I am very glad that I didn’t I woke up at 6:45 a.m, and started work at 7:30 a.m. I just couldn’t shake that feeling, telling me it was about to be an awesome day for Lyft. I got my first ping in Fair Oaks, off of Madison ave. First ride was going into Roseville. The ride was approximately $8.50, and my second ride, was from granite bay to Top Golf, in Roseville. another 8.50 or so. Then my third ride started in Rocklin, we picked the passengers friend up. From there I took them both to Cameron park, it produced, another $25. I’m driving back towards Folsom, when ping! The ride was a scheduled ride in Elderado Hills, 12 miles in the opposite direction. I accept, hesitantly, then realize Its in a neighborhood where, I always get Airport rides, 95 percent of the time. The ride was 41 miles, and $40. I am just about to hop on I-5 South, when Ping, towards Woodland I ride. That ride was around $9 into Davis. Then I auto-queue right as I am, about to clock off for a break. I didn’t realize at the time, but this ride was on 200 percent increase. 18 miles back to the airport. It was a $52 ride, and topped me out at $143, for 4 hours of driving. I came home with $115, and I am about to go back out to work another 4 hours or so. Today is exactly what I needed, after a long week of moving furniture, and hating life. Thanks for tuning in everyone. I hope you all have amazing days as well. Happy friday

-Brent Kroes

When you meet someone famous through Lyft

Friday may 26th was a nice day, seemingly normal. Business was steady, and I was highly enjoying the company of all my customers. One in particular stuck out to me though. It was approximately 2 p.m, and I had just dropped off a gentleman at the airport. On my way to the Lyft, and Uber staging lot, I got a ping for terminal A. I navigate around, and pick up a guy. He was heading to a hotel in Arden, so off we go. a few minutes into the ride he mentions that he is from L.A. He was just in Sacramento to play at a show, because he is a musician. We started talking about music, because I am a music producer as well. Soon enough we start nearing the hotel in Arden. I pull in to the drop off location, and before he gets out, he asks what I am doing that night around 9 p.m. I tell him i’m free. He mentions his artist name, is Botnek, and that he is going to call his promoter to put me on the guest list for the show. I cant help but think “no way.” I tell him thank you, and that I would see him at the show. I take off, and look up his music on Spotify. I realize “holy shit this dude is a huge E.D.M artist.” It finally hits me, that I had just met Botnek. I remember listening to him a couple years back, and really enjoying his music. So I call my two roommates, excitedly telling them what had happened, and that they could come with me to the show. We get there, and realize that it is a rave. We get in and Botnek, is the opener for the show. It was amazing, hes a very fun performer, and has some awesome music. I text him and let him know we really enjoyed his set, and he came to hang out with us for a little bit. He is a very cool dude, and I think its amazing that an artist that big, is not arrogant, and can hold a normal conversation with a random fan like me.

Well that’s my fun story from the weekend, and part of why driving for Lyft, and Uber is amazing. where else would I meet someone as cool as Botnek, and get a 5 dollar tip, plus free entry into a rave. Have a great week all of you.

-Brent Kroes


Drunk customers can get rowdy

Good morning everyone, I hope business is going well, and everyone is having a good work day so far. I want to share a story that takes place last year in November. First I want to say, that bad things happen on the job, but stuff like this does not happen frequently. Don’t let the fear of something like this, hold you back from making money. With that being said lets get into it.

It was eleven p.m on a Friday night in the northern South Sacramento area.  I was beginning to receive requests from the bar hoppers. It was a brisk night, Sky as black as oil, and I’d been driving for approximately 4 hours. All was going great, Customers were awesome, Profits were steady, and I never expected something like what came next.

I pull up to a bar for a customer,  and I picked her up, along with her Friend. We start talking, and they were pretty cool. One little problem the dude was drunk beyond full conciousness. And out of no where he was set off. The girl was being playful, making fun of him sarcastically. For some reason this pisses him off

The guy starts cussing me out, using every  cuss word imaginable.  I look over at the girl, and ask is he being serious? She says “I have no idea”, and tells him to.”shut up your being rude to our driver.” After three more minutes of this nonsense, I pull over, and tell him I want him to get out. He says “whatever”, grabs his stuff, and before he gets out open palm slaps me in the face, and starts walking away. I get out, and tell “are you fucking kidding me dude?” “If your going to hit me, at least hit me like a man you little bitch”, laugh and get back in the car. She’s freaking out asking “Oh my god did he just hit you? I’m so sorry.” Then she asked if I was gonna file a police report. I told her “No he’s a drunk loser who isn’t worth my time.” I drive her home, and she bought be a 6 pack of corona, and tipped me 10 dollars.

Being on the road so much you see, and experience so many things, a number if them are bound to be bad. Stuff similar to that may happen, but we can’t let the fear of one jerk hold us back from thriving. I love being a driver, and no one can ruin that for me. I make great money, and I make new amazing connections all the time. With that thanks for reading everyone have an awesome day, and stay safe!

Fat ass nasty customers

  1. So I pick this disgusting, lady up from Wendys on Green back ave, and take her to Rio Linda blvd. She has a large soda, and a bag if food. Halfway through the ride she literally falls asleep in my back seat while we’re talking. Then while she is passed out, she waterfalls her large soda all over my back seat, and floor. She starts rampantly, and annoyingly apologizing, yet doesn’t pick the cup up just leaves it there spilling more, and more everywhere. I drop her off finally after 20 minutes of hating this person, and ride. She says “I hope you can forgive me.” Then gets out and leaves the damn cup on my car floor. I don’t understand this, if you’re this kind of customer, and are reading this then please listen to me and never use Uber, or Lyft ever again. No body likes people like you, and you need to shape the hell up. I’m so tired of people taking this for granted. I am an independent contractor, and for God’s sake I have zero obligation to pick anybody up, if I decide not to. This isn’t a service, it’s a damn business. If this article offends anyone I really could care less. Good day to all of you, and I hope you drivers don’t have to deal with societies bullshit today.

Uber insider scoop

Hello everyone, I hope all is well and steady for you drivers out there. So Uber, and their new fancy system of pay, is very intriguing, as well as controversial.

For as long as I have driven for Uber, the company, and C.E.O. have been shrouded in a hurricane, of controversy. The tidal wave of bad decisions made by Travis Kalanick, and several other executives within Uber, have dropped the Net worth 3 billion alone since last year. At the beginning of last year, Uber was worth approximately 72 billion dollars. Due to Kalanick, and others, the company has taken some huge losses this year alone. Times are changing though, and with Kalanick stepped aside from acting as C.E.O, the company could pick its self up. Now I cant tell you how I know hes stepped down, but I got wind, that kalanick is widely despised around the office, by a vast majority of workers. This comes as no surprise, but then I caught wind that Kalanick is not even acting C.E.O as of late. His position is being filled by a female substitute as of the last two weeks. Uber has made a lot of changes, within the last two weeks, and is starting to improve one day at a time. Now this new system of pay which they’ve just integrated here in Sacramento is very Fresh, although odd. basically the concept behind it is, that Uber will now charge the customer according to route, time of day, demand, and area. So essentially meaning, the rate we are payed per mile, and minute, are now variable rates. So for ex. If I pick someone up from a very wealthy neighborhood, in El Dorado Hills, going to the airport, it is likely what they are paying, will be much higher, then if I took someone from Arden to Elk Grove. everything will fluctuate now. 

Look at the rates per mile, and minute
Compare the fare rates between the two








Call me crazy, but in all honesty I like this model. I believe it will work much better, why do I think this? There are bound to be long rides from places like, Rocklin, Roseville, and Elderado Hills. If I pickup someone from Rocklin in a nice area, at the peak hours of the day; then the rates will be higher, because this ride is from a wealthy area at a busy time of the day. the payments, still stay relatively the same as they did, but now there is opportunity to have higher rates without surge.

In the last 2 weeks, I feel like Uber has gotten much better. The customer service reaches back out to me much quicker, and is actually helpful now. I am excited to see what the future holds for Uber, and if it continues to fix problems.

With that being said I hope you guys have a wonderful rest of your day. Thanks for checking this article out, and I hope you got some helpful insight. Don’t forget to comment 🙂 Love you all

-Brent Kroes

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